Having been in the IT industry for over 30 years, Microcraft is knowledgeable about all things IT.

We can offer all sorts of IT advice from purchasing, to upgrading, to configuring hardware and software to the way you’d like them. We can also assist in a variety of ways whether it be in our workshop, over the phone and internet via remote access, or if necessary from your home.

Home User

Buying a new personal computer, laptop, smart phone or tablet can be a bewildering process. It can be hard to tell why one device costs more than another, and device descriptions are often filled with difficult to understand jargon. For a lot of people terms such as RAM, CPU and graphics card is baffling and confusing. It can be hard to know what you actually need and what’s just adding to the price tag. We can run you through the process of comparing the performance of different devices and brands in plain English and search through the massive array of electronics retailers to find the device you want at an affordable price.

Computer viruses are always being developed and tweaked to get around security software at a rapid rate. Viruses for mobile devices are increasingly becoming a problem too. Thankfully, antivirus software is extremely abundant. It can be difficult to know which antivirus software the best is for you however. We can give you an unbiased assessment on the best antivirus software for your device that’s affordable, and not over-restrictive.

Is your device slowing down and/or making noises it didn’t used to make? This can be caused by a variety of issues such as viruses, lack of hard drive space, or too many programs running. We can work with you to form a plan of action to get your device running the way it used to.

Senior Support

The advent of modern technology has made it far easier to keep in contact with friends and family. Whether you already own a smart device or you are looking to buy one, we can help you get connected. From assisting with setting up an internet connection to getting you started using Facetime, WhatsApp or social media to chat to your loved ones, we can get you connected.

We can also assist you with making the correct purchase decisions and even source your new device for you upon request. We can run you through the best types of devices for your use such as PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. We can also help you decide on the brand and model you want to go with.

Internet scams can take many forms and can often target elderly people who are less tech savvy and/or very trusting. We can give you a one-on-one workshop on how to detect possible internet scams via email, phone calls or fake websites and the best ways to avoid them.

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case study

Scams targeting senior citizens

A senior citizen was made the victim of a scam and their computer was made unusable.

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