Cloud Services

Whether you’re looking to host business email or move your data from your local servers to the cloud, we can help you migrate with Microcraft’s Cloud Services solutions.

Hosted Exchange

Owning email servers within your workplace has very little benefit. Skilled IT staff are required on-site to maintain your servers, and it can be difficult to predict costs associated with repair and maintenance of email servers. Having Microcraft undertake your email hosting means that we can cater your email systems to the needs of your business and perform maintenance to servers without limiting your productivity.

Cloud Migration

For companies that don’t currently have any of their workload running in the cloud, there are a multitude of problems that cloud migration can fix and/or streamline. Do you want your business to operate in multiple locations? Maybe your data isn’t secure enough against data loss from potential disasters? Migration to the cloud can also allow you to mitigate huge costs, both on reducing the need for server maintenance and saving on operation costs.

If you’re not sure about whether migrating to the cloud is right for your business, we will run you through the costs and benefits you’ll encounter when choosing a cloud service that fits your goals and business model. Cloud migration is not beneficial for everyone, however. It is important to us that we produce a plan that will be beneficial to your business, and we will suggest alternative strategies if cloud migration is not in line with your best interests.

We will work with you to understand what your business needs are so that we can make the right recommendations according to your budget. You can feel at ease knowing that installation will be fast and hassle-free, as we will form a plan to ensure that the process works around your business schedule to minimize downtime.

We will also give you the right tools to train your staff about the usage of the cloud for safe and secure data transfer. Once the migration is complete, we will perform a review to ensure your data has migrated properly. In the unlikely event that any issues have occurred, we will promptly fix them.

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