IT Consultancy

From assessing the security of your network (free audit) to ensuring your IT system is providing the security, speed, capacity and back up required to keep your business systems running at the optimum performance level.

We’re happy to offer advice on getting the most out of your IT assets, or to help you make improvements to your current IT systems.

Network Audits

Constant changes throughout your company such as users adding devices and hardware to your network and installing new software without informing the appropriate staff members can leave you with an inefficiently operating network or even worse, can lead to breaches in network security.

Network auditing consists of mapping out all the devices and hardware running on a network, what operating systems are in use and what software is running on each machine. This information can be used to ensure machines and devices in the network are running optimally and efficiently. It can also be used to ensure that every user on the network is complying with company standards and the law.

Asset Management

It can be a huge challenge to keep track of whether your staff have everything they need to operate at 100%, whether it be software or hardware. It’s also difficult to know whether you’re getting the most out of your IT investments. We can perform in-depth analysis on the current state of repair of all the systems on your network and offer solutions as to what can be improved upon.

Another common challenge is trying to keep track of which software licenses are being used to their full extent, as you might be wasting money on underutilized software licenses. We can help give you a strong understanding of how your company could be saving money on software purchases. This can be done by tracking software usage and coming to conclusions on what underutilized software can be removed or replaced. We can also offer advice on alternative software solutions for the tasks your staff need to complete.

Business Continuity Planning

System failure in the workplace can cause a lot of panic, and it can be hard to make the correct decisions when not properly prepared. We can perform an audit of the IT systems you have in place and help you plan out appropriate responses to system failure. Having a plan in place can reduce the need for corrective response, and means you’re equipped for a streamlined response in the event that you do require our assistance to repair your systems.

IT Infrastructure Planning

Changes to your business such as increases in staff numbers, relocating or opening a second office can quickly become an issue for your current network. We can assist you with coming up with an infrastructure upgrade plan that is scalable and caters to the needs of your ever changing business.

Security Policies

It is extremely paramount for both company compliance and security reasons that your staff has sound understanding of how information technology should be handled. Managing the way your staff handles and shares information can be extremely ineffective without the right policies in place.

Security policies allow you to be confident that the information being shared among your business is as secure as possible. It also ensures that staff are being compliant with the software licensing they have available.

We can work with you do discuss what business policies you should put in place to protect your information while still giving your staff the freedom they need to work effectively. We’ll help you create policies around storage of sensitive material, sharing of business information throughout your infrastructure, and handling of online materials.

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